Life Groups


We are convinced that disciples make disciples, so we want everyone at West Side to be in a group. Life Groups are one type of group at West Side. Life Groups are a place where we are cared for by the family of Christ, encouraged through Bible study and prayer and empowered to reach our world for Christ. We have Life Groups that meet in all areas of the city, on nearly every day, at different times and with different kinds of people. We do this because we want everyone to be in a Life Group so we have Life Groups that can meet the needs of everyone.


Life Groups are small groups of people who meet regularly to study the Bible, pray, care for each other and encourage one another to reach their world for Christ. Life Groups are for everyone and everyone has a place in a Life Group.


To find the Life Group that best fits your needs:

Life is better connected and we are better followers of Christ when we are connected to other people. We desire that everyone would be in a Life Group because that’s where we can be encouraged to follow Jesus, be cared for as we connect with each other, and be empowered to share the Gospel with people.
You can expect to have a good time. When you attend a Life Group, you can expect to find a warm and friendly group of people who love God and desire to live their lives in obedience to Him and His word. Life Groups typically meet for about 1.5 to 2 hours.
We study the Bible along with the sermon series. We have created personal Bible study materials that guide people through a study of the sermon texts before the sermon is given. Although we have excellent preaching, we recognize the importance of studying the Bible on our own and in groups for our growth in the Lord.
You can’t pick the perfect Life Group because they’re made up of people. Getting into the right group for you is about desiring to learn and grow, recognizing that God can teach us through our relationships with all kinds of people.
Life Groups at West Side meet every night of the week except for Saturday. Many of our Life Groups meet in people’s homes, while a number of them meet on our campus.
You are free to leave your Life Group whenever you want to, but once you find the right group you will never want to leave. It is important to remember that relationships take time to develop, so we hope you would give it some time to see if you will be able to develop a connection in your Life Group.