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To provide the opportunity for the Yakima County students to study Chinese language and culture, West Side Church has founded a Chinese School in Yakima WA — Yakima Chinese School. The school offers an immersion teaching style in a small class environment.  The curriculum is based on thematic teaching and task-oriented curriculum and will focus on teaching Simplified Chinese characters, PinYin and Chinese culture.

•          School Opening Date:       May 8th (6 Sunday Class) 

•          Class Hours:          

                               2pm – 2:50 pm on Sundays is for 13 years and under. 

                               3pm – 3:50 pm on Sundays is for 13+. 

•          Teaching Style:                   Pinyin; Simplified Chinese characters

•          School location:                 West Side Church

Tuitions and Fees for 6 Classes:

No. of Students per        1              2              3               4

Registration Fee           $30         $30          $30            $30

Tuition                           $108      $216        $324         $432

Materials                        $50          $100       $150         $200

Tuition and                    $188        $346        $404        $664

Registration Fee can be paid online to West Side Church .
All other fees to be paid to Iris Xu.  

Should you have any questions, please contact Iris Xu  at (509) 910-2233 or Irisxug@msn.com.

 Summer Chinese school will start on 6/20. Class schedule will be posted at the beginning of June. For students taking classes in May, the class schedule may stay the same on weekends or move classes to weekdays. We will coordinate with students/parents about class schedules in early June. 

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